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German Proficiency Interviews

What is a GPI?

The German Proficiency Interview, or “GPI,” is a 15-20 minute guided conversation in German with a faculty member trained in oral proficiency testing. The GPI offers a way to practice for your ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI), which is required for German majors and the German Language Certificate. Your GPI interviewer will provide you with written feedback. You can learn more about the GPI by clicking here.

Who takes the GPI?

All students in German 202, 301, 303, and 400R will be required to take the GPI, and there may be limited opportunities for others students enrolled in German courses to sign up as well.

Scheduling your GPI

To sign up for a GPI you go to, register for an account (it’s quick), and pick the schedule “German Proficiency Interview.” Cancellations can be made on the website as well.