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If you wish to enhance your college experience by obtaining and developing new professional skills, stretching your foreign language abilities, meeting and getting inspired by new people, and traveling all at the same time, then you should go abroad for an internship.

To see what else students have done on their internships in the past, please watch this additional video.
Read “How Internships Matter“ by Tracee Tibbitts, and then click on the link below to learn what our internship alumni have to say about their experiences.
To learn more about our online, on-campus Russian internships, click here.
To see what internship opportunities our students have completed while abroad, please view our database of internship alumni.
To see what the German and Russian alumni have done in their careers, please view our database of department alumni.

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Berlin Internship

Central Europe

Internships in Central Europe (Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic)

Baltic States

Internships in the Baltic States (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania)

Our Internship Alumni

Learn from our internship alumni what a language internship experience can mean for you.

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