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All German majors must complete the portfolio as part of German 400R. Once the following items are completed and compiled, they must be turned in as a single PDF file using the “Upload a Document” link in the menu above. (Name it like this: johndoeportfolio.pdf)

The German Portfolio Core Document

This may be downloaded and filled out here. It must be completed in your last two semesters in the German program.

List of German Works Studied

Literature/Film/Culture majors & German Studies majors will learn about this in German 343 & 400R. Eventually, they will fill out this document (and may find it helpful to consult this one during the process).

Linguistics majors will fill out the German Linguistics Reading List.

Teaching majors do not need to fulfill this requirement.

Capstone Paper

The capstone paper must be at least 10 pages long (not including title page, Works Cited, etc.) and meaningfully engage at least 5 academically reputable secondary sources. It must be accompanied by the Capstone Paper Companion Page.

German Teaching majors will use their teacher work sample as their capstone.

A successfully defended Honors Thesis (on any subject) will fulfill the capstone requirement.

Favorite Papers

In addition to your capstone paper, including two of your favorite papers (in German or English) written during your time in our program. They do not need to be research papers. Include the Favorite Paper Companion Page with each.

Qualtrics Survey

Finally, it is considered part of the Portfolio to fill out this survey, which should only take you a few minutes.